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1. An acronym for "You Are Onto Something".

2. An acronym for "You Are On Something".
Lisa: I have just made the greatest dip and would now like to start an enterprise making great dips.
by _en September 03, 2013
That's What I'm Talking About
Ben: Would somebody please kindly explain what that Nature's Own ad on TV is about? They say that going without sleep for 17 hours is equivalent to having a 0.05 blood alcohol level. Huh? People do that every day. I don't get it.
Chris: 7 hours sleep??? pfffft they must be on drugs!

by _en May 16, 2013
To sit in a strolling fashion.
To sinter, I felt inclined.
by _en July 08, 2010
You're Out Of Control
Robyn Heazlewood: Samantha, Berni, and Ben watch out I'm coming for you!!!!
Ben Martin-Peddey: YOOC
by _en May 16, 2013

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