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An 18 year old rapper from Chicago known as Cheif Keef was the one who invented this "3Hunna" , many people use this word nowadays to just say 3Hundred or to just represent this now famous rapper.
How much did those pants cost bro?

- 3Hunna !

Have you heard of Cheif Keef?

-Of course that's the bro! 3Hunna!
by _deepdimples February 11, 2014
A VERY addicting game which is available in the App Store and the Android store! This game is very challenging ! Thousands of people around the world have this game! It's a small little harmless looking bird ...
But go try it!

- There's HUNDREDS of reviews on the App Store! Check it out and you'll see! -_-'
What's your high core on Flappy Bird ?

- 2 . . .

Do you know what's the most annoying and challenging and addicting game out there right now?

- YeAh! Flappy Bird
by _deepdimples February 11, 2014
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