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1: Noun; Word that you want to pronounce like the fish, but no better than to do so.

2: Adjective: To describe someone obnoxious, self-centered, egotistical, and at the same time awesome.

3: Person: European forum goer who's aliases were/are among EgoTripper, EgoT, Basman, and SuperBas. The forum he spent the most time on was neotaku, but after going under, Bas has been seen on Invisionfree Forums and buying Adam West merchandise in Northern Europe.

Bas Hates stupid people, retards, small animals, babies, children, and the common Bass Fish found in the Mississippi River. Memorable moments in Bas' life include belittling people on forums, exploring his sexuality as a little girl whose father is Batman, getting a job, and moving out of his parent’s house. As of June 24th, 2006, is the #1 Ranked player in Outrun 2006 on PC.
1: Bas... Like the Fish, or the Amplifier?

2: You fucking Bas, you got her pregnant AND had sex with her best friend on her bed, while she was sleeping in the other room? FUCK.

3: Bas hates everyone, excluding Adam West, including Himself.
by ______Man June 30, 2006

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