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The brand of tweens that even a n00b will call a n00b. These girls suffer Brainus Minimus, which causes them to compulsively wear shiny, sparkly stuff with the words "princess", "goddess", or "angel" on it. Also are known to only be into whatever is "cool" according to MTV. Similar to, or synonymous with the rabid screaming fangirl.

The cure to Brainus Minimus does not exist as of yet, but it is possible to ward it off by wearing clothes that do not contain an ounce of glitter, listening to music you actually like(instead of what you think is cool), and spelling words correctly. Avoid saying OMG in any circumstances.
GirlyGirl#1- OMGZ. LYKE, he is LYKE SO HOT!
GirlyGirl#2- *gasps* I want to have enough of his babies to populate a small island!
GirlyGirly#1- *gasps* Here he comes! AHHHHHH OMG OMG. *hyperventilates*
GirlyGirl#2- Does this ugly shiny pink skirt make my butt look big?
by _Jessica__ August 23, 2006

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