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A bunch of weak-ass, homophobic, welfare-abusing, relligiously and racially challenged idiots. Think they are doing society a favor by "cleansing" the Earth, when they can do a bigger favor by killing themselves. They claim to do this in the name of God, whereas God prohibits killing. Nothing more than a bunch of preteen idiots wanting to belong in a group, because they were taught there is safety in numbers. They claim to do everything for Jesus and God, since Jesus and God are supposedly white. Recent evidence shows that Jesus most likely was BLACK. Psychological evidence shows that most homophobes hate gays, because they are afraid they might be gay. So they bash gays to show their masculinity, wher it is truly insecurity.
"I live in knowledge of real truth
And all my gods are great!"
The doleful cant of a bigot
Blinded by fear and hate
You live in knowledge of real truth?
Oh the biggest lie I heard
How sick in your mind and soul
To be scared of my voice and my words-The Cure: Us or Them
by _J_ July 19, 2005

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