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Similar to Penis Envy and haterism mostly found in large males with small penis(s). Subjects affected will display a limited personallity usually manifest with phrases from six years of mainstream cinema and other sorts of bland entertainment choices. Males with penis rage will take all aggressions out on others more fortunate not only in life but down stairs.
"Man why is ryan being such a bitch on the internet?"
" His penis rage is actin up, another girl laughed at him."
by ZzZzZz? June 04, 2007
When someone born with a small penis goes through life an asshole.
"did you hear ryan bitching all day today? He bitched about everysingle fucking thing, its like living with my mom again. I think his babydickitus is affecting my work mood."
"yeah I know, I hope that isnt contagious."
by ZzZzZz? June 05, 2007
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