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2 definitions by Zyxx

Defined by the Bungie game company as "someone who has mastered Marathon to its fullest", Marathon being a very old (in game terms) first-person shooter released by that company. A vidmaster must play on the hardest difficulty level, never shoot when he (or she) could use grenades, never use the caps lock as a "run" key, and never, EVER leave a single Bob alive. The "vid" refers to the recording the player makes of their actions in the game that proves their skills.
I may not be a Vidmaster, but at least I'm no spazeroid.
by Zyxx June 15, 2004
Bungies software's definition of someone who plays Marathon (a very old game by that company) on an easy level.
Also used by the Marathon Vidmaster's page to define someone who claims to be a vidmaster but is not.
Spazeroids? They're Everywhere!
by Zyxx June 15, 2004