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4 definitions by Zoolander

The answer Tommy Boy leaves on his test in the movie Tommy Boy.
John Hankcock, ha, its Herbie Hankcock.
by Zoolander July 18, 2005
just dickin around, doing nothing of value. wasting space, alcohol, and air. you know, it's eville-ish!
well hot damn, E & EM are so fuckin E-villish!!!
by zoolander February 21, 2003
What you say when you are the only guy in a Girls Gone Wild Video.
O "Shiat"! im defently gettin a fuck load of ass tonight!
by Zoolander July 18, 2005
The word used by Southern Central United States because they are fucking idiots.
Yall wanna shoot bottle rockets up my ass?
by Zoolander July 18, 2005