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8 definitions by Zomby_Woof

1. One who is overly religous, usually to an extreme.

2. An epic StarCraft unit that uses psionic blades and psi shields
The religous zealots burned down the old strip bar.

The zealots ripped ripped down the old barracks.
by Zomby_Woof January 30, 2005
212 37
1. A sub-race of the Protoss in StarCraft. They were banished from Auir and moved to Shakuras, they later help defeat the Zerg.

2. An epic StarCraft Broodwar unit capable of bending the light around it to make itself invisible while it hacks up your units with warp blades.
The Dark Templar of Shakuras were all very mean to Jim Raynor.

Holy shit! Whats ripping my zerglings apart! Ugh, it must be those damn dark templar...
by Zomby_Woof January 30, 2005
83 7
A large bat-like creature from the legendary game StarCraft. The creature fires glaives that bounce off enemy units.
That guy got mutalisk!?! But we've got a shitload of valkyries, what a dumbass...
by Zomby_Woof January 30, 2005
42 6
1.One who listens religiously or semi-religiously to Frank Zappa. Comes from the Mothers of Invention song, Zomby Woof.

2. One who takes part in illegal sexual activities. i.e. rape
Wow! Do you hear that music. That guy must be a total zomby woof.

I saw some zomby woof prowling around the park last night.
by Zomby_Woof January 07, 2005
38 14
A StarCraft unit capable of creating hallucinations and psionic storms to destroy their enemies. Also capable of fusion into an archon.
The high templar accidentally killed all of his zealots in a psionic storm.
by Zomby_Woof January 30, 2005
34 11
A version of rock, paper, scissors that is played so that the winner of each round gets to hit his opponet. If a rock wins a punch is delivered to the opponets stomach or face, if a paper wins a slap is usually apllied to the opponet's face, while scissors is usually a poke to the or chest or is considered 'null' and nothing happens.
A man died when he tried settling a dispute using extreme rock, paper, scissors.
by Zomby_Woof January 29, 2005
17 2
1. Zeus, God of gods, he ruled over Olympia in Greek mythology.

2. An extremely rigged hero in Defense of the Anctients in WarCraft3 for Battle.net. He has the ability to fire lightning bolts from the sky that can deal up to 375 damage as well as a chain lightning that can deal 85 damage to 15 units. His final skill is the ability to deal nearly 600 damage to every hero in the game regardless of where they stand.
Zeus beat up Hercules for breaking his vase.

Zeus beat up Traxex for trying to kill him.
by Zomby_Woof January 30, 2005
9 3