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1. A whore that is larger than life. He/She maintains a level of whoreness beyond any normal whore.

2. A fat lard that lays in bed all day and whores out. Can also pertain to obese people who give out sex like candy.

3. In prehistoric times, a Gargantua-Whore would rome the land searching for sex and cause mild earthquakes along the way. If one was to cross its path, they would have to fuck their way for freedom or pay the mighty price of being keestered. The keestering would last for weeks and if you survived or escaped, then you would smell like ass for all eternity.
"Jimmy sure loves those Gargantua-Whores. I walked into the kitchen this morning to find one of his girls eating breakfast. She was so huge, her cereal bowl came with a lifeguard."
by ZombieTraining August 01, 2007

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