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The act of directing ass-air towards your adversary’s nose while simultaneously emulating your favorite Bruce Lee move.
Ripping one in a meeting room, performing the ass Judo and exclaiming "Awwwwww! Ninja Fog!" then bowing in respect.
by ZoinksS2k January 27, 2009
The inhalation of anal emissions via an ill-placed CPAP machine.
Moved the CPAP box too close to my ass last night and gave myself a deep tissue dutch oven.
by ZoinksS2k September 21, 2014
Using transmitted email to determine if someone is out of town, mostly used in business.
"It looks like Bob is out of town. I used email sonar to see if he had an out of office notification configured. He will be back next week."
by ZoinksS2k December 29, 2011

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