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Somebody whos r8 big and muscley and large and huge and fat and any other words that mean big.
They usually smell aswel :/
You iz a big beafy man!
by Zoe Unittttt October 12, 2007
When somebody is actually cooler than ya mum.
And they go around and sit on crazy chairs.
And they shout unit at each other like 50 cent.
And They have a special hand action.
And throw hadoukens at people.
And speak in Jerry Jackson tone...I rate like that
Yo you iz from da unitz yeah!
You iz Z unit
A unit
And C Unit yeahh!
by Zoe Unittttt October 15, 2007
When somebody joins the unit they add unit onto there name and become cooler than ya mum!
Z unit
C unit
A unit

by Zoe Unittttt October 12, 2007

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