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Def 1: A newly developed counter culture based developed in the western United States. Only recently to be reckognized as of the late 90's.
Def2 : One who can smoothly transition or "slide" from one setting to the next.
Note: Extra points if they can do it with little or no money, while still contributing in other ways hence the "ghetto" part.
Snowboarders, skateboarders, skiiers, dj's, street racers, motocrossers, bmxers, all have their own cultures/lifestyles built around their sports. A ghettoslider originally, was just regarded as a hardcore snowboarder due to the fact the culture was founded in the heart of the Utah mountains. Due to cultural diversity and seasonal changes, it has grown to encompass other aspects of counter culture, in other locations, in order to survive. These days a ghettoslider may snowboard or ski or surf in the winter, but may skate, or breakdance, or build/race cars in the summer. If weather permits ALL in the same day, hence the reason why the tribal slogan of the ghettosliders is "Get Some".
Geographically - from brasil to the us, from kansas to california, from the us to europe and so on.
by Zo Klimowicz May 12, 2006

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