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2 definitions by ZmoodFingaZ™

the Mixsuccinylcholidian scale is a group of musical notes collected in ascending and descending order that provides the material played by a completely doped out jazz musician, on a altered dominant 7th chord, possible to make music more relaxed.
the mixsuccinylcholidian scale is also used by musicians who want to forget all the done effort in intellectual knowledge, and are busy expressing the soul within or without the music.
..."Why go to hell or fly angelic, when u can play the mixsuccinylcholidian scale on a ballad!!" ..."play the mixsuccinylcholidian scale on a ballad and toss your balls on the sallad!"

"MAN! this dude playing completely doped out ! very relaxed crazy licks, this sux!" (sux = succinylcholine, a medicine used to induce muscle relaxation)!"
by ZmoodFingaZ™ July 27, 2008
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1) Zmood is a mix of the word mood with smooth. U can say a smooth or slick, comfortable, mindset or expressibility

2) Zmood is a karakteristic style and mindset of extreme smoothness, expressed very slick and easily without any noticeable effort.

3) With a french accent the word Zmood can refer to the mood as in the jazz song -In the mood for a classic- by Bud Powell, or the song -In the Mood- by Glenn Miller.

A: " are u today?" B:"..evertything going Zmood.."

by ZmoodFingaZ™ March 29, 2009
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