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Mosh pits are when a group of headbangers or moshers or anything like that start to fight amongst them selfs.

This usaly includes:
Throwing your arms around to protect your own personal space.
Teaming up with a friend and spinning around so that you can both go flying into the crowd that soon gathers around.
Frantic pushing and shoving to get into the middle of the pit and join in with the singing(but more likly screaming) of the lyrics.

I have encountered three forms of mosh pits, grudge pits(where you pick a foe and dont stop fighting with them untill the music carms down), Open pits(where you can actually move and possibly hit other people), and closed pits(in these you can move very little)
go to any venue where rock music is being played and ask for any slipknot/killswitch music...or even lost prophets fake sound of progress
by Zepth August 19, 2004
The newest age of rock.
Like Nu-Metal but doesnt have the guitar as main instrument.
>I can see i can see im going blind
Linkin Park
>One step closer to the edge and im about to break
by zepth August 19, 2004
Slang term used in Kingston-Upon-Hull, Yorkshire, England

In 'Ull the H is often droped from the start of many words...why???i dont know...ask an English teacher...thats teached in Hull
alf past nine
alf a pint please mate.
alf full or alf empty...its stil alf a pint
by Zepth August 19, 2004
1)to be cougth doing something your not soppose to be doing
2)Past tense of broken
3)A boy band that have started a whole line of new age boy bands that play there own instruments
1)the pigs busted me with 'alf a pound o' grass
by Zepth August 19, 2004
I total multiplayer FPS where its terrorists against anti-terrorists.

Good game, now slightly dated.
whos got the bomb...give me the bomb hurry

noobs are funny on train yard...they think theres only one bomb point
by Zepth August 19, 2004
Free e-mail address.
Only thing Microshit...sry microsoft have got anything near decent.
"MSN Hotmail - Less Usefull Everyday"

Im sorry but I cant be the only one who gets pissed off when you try to go somewhere from Hotmail...im just glad that ive got google serch instead.
by Zepth August 19, 2004
what would <insert name beging with B here> do.

Out of what ive seen my fav has been what would bam do, as bam just owns
hmm a steep hill...
hmm a tolly...
now WWBD
*rides towards trolly and does a kickflip into it. The momentem moving the trolly down the steep hill*
by Zepth August 19, 2004
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