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A Samichezz is a person who can make the absolute worst day in the world seem like the best day ever.
A Samichezz has a mystical power to just by the way it looks at you to make you feel sexually "activated"
Samichezz is a french word- meaning- "OMG did you see the HOT SAMICHEZZ?!?!" Note - This could also mean a steaming hot and sexy ham and swiss sandwhich.
ASamichezz is the most kinkiest kisser you'll ever encounter.
So please beware if you come across a Samichezz.. DO NOT MAKE EYE CONTACT!
If you do, you will not help but to fall in love instantly.
My GF's name is Samichezz, how'd she do it?
#samantha #sami #sam #girlfriend #hot
by Zephyr12 February 23, 2009
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