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3 definitions by Zeek_Wilde

1. An incredibly unusual human of the 'female' model.
Generally quite good-looking, artistic and generally, cooler than you.

2. Refers to a human female with a chameleon sensibility, but unchanging insides. Clothing styles she may embrace are: lolita, goth, steampunk, stitchpunk, and/or DYKEDOM. which is not technically a fashion.

3. a small, fetal potato.
That Anna-Lise is frickin' rad.
by Zeek_Wilde January 14, 2010
38 19
Sugar filled crack puppies, long suspected to be laced with some sort of hardcore addictive drug. Pop tarts are love. You eat them and are transported to a magical kingdom.
WHoooooAAAahhhhh, these Pop Tarts are smashin', my bro.
by ZEEK_WILDE January 30, 2010
39 26
1. name of the ogre princess in Shrek.

2. An entity which, if given the chance, will latch onto you in a Death Hug and never, ever let go.

3. A girl who wins. Most completely.
holy crap guys look out, it's a Fiona
by Zeek_Wilde January 15, 2010
140 186