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-A fail-safe term use, incase their is a heaven.
-Someone who is experiencing hard times, who is willing to accept anything to save them from dispair, even to go as low as christianity.
-About as difficult as writing your name down on a peice of paper

Tom: Hey Mark, I became a born again christian!!!
Mark: Wow man, I can relate, today I was able to bounce a ball of the wall and catch it!
by ZeeLaw July 05, 2006
-Conservative E-Thug
-Peace Hater
-Ann Coulter's Penis
-Massive NRA Supporter... Canada has stricter gun laws, and they have lower death rates... Coincidence?
-Assumes the Rock Against Bush CD is made by liberals, and not hippies just trying to sell records
-Someone with the nerve to post this:
"Seen on a bathroom stall wall: GAYS ARE BOUND FOR HELL.
Me writing in response: True Dat."
-Christian Lunatic
-Worst Legionary ever
Jim: Did you see The Loyal Bush Legionary's post about Homosexuals?
John: Ya man, it was revolting and disgusting, its a shame that people like that have to exist.
Jim: What a gay hating asshat.
John: AssBelonk
Jim: Ya... Belonk
by ZeeLaw July 13, 2006
A regular attendee of Youth Groups. Goes around bragging about their affiliation with a religious support group. Used to create friends in church, as those people can not do so without the guidance of God
Jim: Look at all those Hitler Youth.
Jane: Dude, don't you mean Youth Troopers?
Jim: Oh ya that's right... Youth Trooper
by ZeeLaw June 19, 2006
A Christian sect, the spiritual center of which is in Vatican City and which believes the Pope to be the earthly successor of St. Peter. It's notable for its intricate Masses, veneration of Mary and the saints, and for the controversy it stirs up.
It does seem to breed an equal amount of wild-eyed fanaticism and virulent hatred, both of which are a source of mixed amusement and embarrassment for ordinary, run-of-the-mill Catholics like me.
Most who preach the religion touch little boys?
Jane:He's Jesus's biggest fan
Jim: I can't believe he believes in CathLOLicism!! Was he touched by Jesus?
by ZeeLaw June 19, 2006

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