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a. 1) get crunk

2) abrv. get it crotch'd

b. 1) crotchulate it - to get the
party started

2) can also mean to have gay sex...
especially when used as an
insult for someone named tyler
hall or when made into the
word "man-crotchulated.

It all started when Tyler Hall
(Tyala)looked at gay porn on my
computer. So then, after telling
many, many people about his
antics, Sam, a comedic genius,
made up the phrase man
crotchulated while we were talking
about him. So the term was quickly
picked up by our peers and
hopefully will be picked up by
others around the world.
a. We came to the party ready to
get it crotch'd.

b. Tyala goes to the gay bar and
keeps it man-crotchulated.
by Zech May 24, 2004
That which aspires to be greater then all other software. However tends to really suck and leave much to be desired.
BOB: Hey, what software you running over there?
BOB: Thats why all my orders are eff'ed up!!!
by Zech July 08, 2003
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