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An extremely unattractive Male/Female with an embarrassingly low wit and intellegence. Most Cock Eyed Bumbles are of a portly or round nature and have an abundance of body hair, with which, they do not regularly maintain. Cock Eyed Bumbles can sometimes be the result of inter-breeding, acute alcoholism, poor hygene, or simply being the product of what happens after injecting crack into one's anus.
Human 1: "That bloke was acting like a fully fledged dickhead last night!"

Human 2: "Yeah, he was a fuckin' Cock Eyed Bumble!...
Didn't you see him duck out the back and inject crack into his anus?"
by Zebrawolf55 February 24, 2011
To vacate an area of space in a matter of nanoseconds or with ninja like speed. A shink is only successful when the person shinking is not detected in the slightest and makes other people believe they vanished into thin air.
Human 1: "Damn dude I've got all this paper work to finish by 5:00 but I honestly couldn't be fucked!!"

Human 2: "What are you going to do?"

Human 1: "I'm thinking I'm going to shink the fuck out of here and make up some bullshit story tomorrow on why it hasn't been finished"

Human 2: "are you confident you'll get away with it?"

Human 1: "brother please, i've been shinking since you were an itch in your daddy's pants...bye bye."

Human:".....what the,..where the hell did he go???"
by Zebrawolf55 September 30, 2011

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