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The sweetest girl you will ever meet. She NEVER stops smiling, and is there for you almost all the time. She's smart, pretty, and amazing at everything that she does. Any guy would be lucky to have her as a girlfriend. She's eccentric in a good way, and she's super smart!! I wish that I could ask out Yeshey....
Person 1: Dude Yeshey is so freaking smart, I wish I was like her
Person 2: I know
Yeshey (overhears and comes over): YOU GUYS ARE AMAZING! I WISH THAT I WAS MORE LIKE YOU GUYS <3 <3 <3
by Ze Invisible M@n February 08, 2012
He is sort of afraid of water, in a strange way. Likes to annoy people.... Is the LochNess Monster
P2: Geez Nessi CALM DOWN....
by Ze Invisible M@n February 08, 2012
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