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A metalhead is kind of self explanatory, it's a person who listens to a lot of metal. Metal heads can be classified for long hair, black clothing and band tees BUT, not all metal heads look like this. Metalheads tend to dress however they want. A lot people call them selves metal heads, because the only bands they listen to is Slipknot and Disturbed. This is personally an insult to true metal heads, because true metal isn't recognized, such as Ozzy Osbourne, or Amon Amarth.
Average teenage kid: Hey guys, I listen to Slipknot now... I'm a hardcore metal head.

Hardcore metalhead: Umm... why don't you listen to some Megadeth or Behemoth?

Average teenage kid: I don't like all that growling and loud guitars.

Hardcore metalhead: *Punch*
by Zavexave March 22, 2009

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