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A birth defect that allows a person to have eyes that look swollen, fingers that are a little meatier than usual, and they might have difficulties learning. Down syndrome is caused in birth development, each person has 23 pairs of chromosomes, which makes each person to have 46 chromosomes. But for people with down syndrome, they still have 23 pairs of chromosomes, except one particular pair has an extra, giving a total of 47 chromosomes. When this happens, this extra chromosome takes away some of the cells from other chromosomes, giving the person a slower, and poorer memory. And memory is tied to the brain, giving the person slower reflexes.
Facial features of people with down syndrome are similiar, but they are not related. They have a larger forehead, swollen eyes, and their hands and fingers might be meatier, and, or, the length to each finger unusual. People with down syndrome talk with slurs tied to each word they say, and their focus might be to some other object.
Down syndrome is a form of mental retardation.
People of down syndrome may participate in the special olympics.
by Zano July 03, 2004
A film critic who, and Gene Siskel created the thumbs up system for grading movies. Siskel dies at age 53, and now the show is called Ebert and Roeper. Roger Ebert is a "REAL" film critic, unlike Roeper.
Ebert's style-giving helpful comments to cast of film, or to moviegoers.

Roeper's style- Either saying "I know what your sayin'", or make lame jokes, and laughs at himself.
by Zano July 05, 2004
aww ye, the zano be the most pimpin whey of saying 'zane'. y'see, the 'e' jus aint be good enough no more. 'o' is hella more uber.
azhim- "oh zano, you are so funny"
zane- "damnnn straight foolio"
by zano April 24, 2005
A Sketch Comedy Show aired on Saturday Nights on Fox. It usually is funny, but sometimes it's just stupid. 50 percent of the time I laugh, and 50 percent of the time I had just wasted my time. Even though Mad TV is getting worse, it's way better than Saturday Night Live!
Mad TV was way funnier with it's original cast!
by Zano July 01, 2004

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