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A rip off of Myspace made for Neopets users. Basically everything is exactly like Myspace, except filled with Neopets users.
User 1:Have you heard of MyNeoSpace yet?

User 2:Yeah, I got out of there as soon as I could. T^T
#neopets #myspace #neomyspace #myneospace #neospace
by Zanes_Secret October 17, 2007
Short for Subeta.org, or code for when you can't say the word Subeta, such as another pet site, more commonly Neopets.
*On the Neopets boards*

I hate the way you can get frozen for practically anything on Neo. Subby is so much better....
#subeta #neopets #subby #suby #neo
by Zanes_Secret October 17, 2007
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