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An anime convention that's been held annually in northern kentucky every year since 1996 normally being a small size con that's held either at near by local convention centers or mid/large size hotels each year featuring many events, and lot's of guest, cosplayers, game rooms, and other such things.
To think at one time this anime convention started in someones garage only to be the only northern Kentucky anime convention around "currently" formally known as Sugoicon.
by Zaneispain December 11, 2007
CMV being short for code music video's. Typically video game video's being about codes being regular, game shark, game genie, game shark, action reply, code breaker, glitches, tricks, easter eggs, mods, etc.

Normally video's that you see on youtube and other video sites made by video gamers that featuring one or more games or codes, featuring music that isn't from that game/games.
I just saw this CMV about Grand Theft Auto San Andreas bike stunt that feature music of Green Day in it.
by Zaneispain December 11, 2007

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