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3 definitions by Zane Edison

Someone that is so thick skulled that you couldn't pound an intelligent idea into thier head with a hammer. A person with no clue how to function in society & therefore is a nuisance to everyone. Boundless incompetence. This word is believed to be derived from the term hilljack.
That polejack acts so backwoods, he makes a hilljack seem citified.
by Zane Edison July 20, 2007
2 2
Someone that moves from a rural or small town into the city & learns how to function in the urban community. Also describes a rural location that gets an urban developement.
She quit associating with her small town friends ever since she became citified. Our town is citified now that we have a McDonalds.
by Zane Edison July 20, 2007
0 6
Short for Tweedle Dumb of Alice in Wonderland. Known for being insanely stupid. Someone that babbles on about nonsense like they know what they are talking about & everyone cares.
He had no idea what he was talking about but that didn't stop him. What a tweed.
by Zane Edison July 20, 2007
5 22