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A small suburb of Philadelphia it is about a mile in diameter. It is referred to by its residents as P-ville and almost nothing else. It is not currently known for anything, the young want to leave it and the old and crazies come to it to die. Crazies, being the keyword, after Norristown mental hospital closed they have arrived in hordes. That isn't to say Phoenixville isn't without its uses. Its an hour from Philadelphia, Atlantic City and three hours from the Poconos. Its also about 15 minutes from King of Prussia. Its sports teams are known for failing, though in the 80s they were much better. A few hot spots in Phoenixville are the Val Rio dinner, Reeve's park, the Colonial Theatre Steel City Coffee House. These spots will collect a few people to them, especially the late night crowd, but generally the town is dead. Those that want something fun to do will generally leave Phoenixville. In a town so boring everyone has to do something to be unique and have fun, creating a very interesting group of people, both older residents and those who go through the school system. In the end Phoenixville is a hub, people travel through it and are occasionally caught by its small town charm, but its not a place that most people want to stay, even with all the desperate growth that the city counsel is trying to pump into it.
Phoenixville, the town of the dead and crazies, most commonly referred to as P-ville.
by Zanduar November 12, 2005

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