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1 definition by Zamurath

A shitty little shit-hole town in Western Washington. People here drive like dipshits. It is not uncommon to see 4x4's upside down in the ditch during winter after getting 1 inch of snow.

Other area facts: Mason County, in which resides Shelton, is the meth capital of Washington. The phrase "You aint from around here are ya, you got all your teeth" isn't a fucking joke. That shit is real here.

The schools in Shelton suck ass. People in Shelton generally are a bunch of 4x4'ing Quad riding drunkards and meth-addicts.

Most kids big aspiration is to turn 18 so they can get on welfare. Seriously.

This place is a total shit-hole. Never move here.
You're so fucking cracked out you probably live in Shelton
by Zamurath March 22, 2011