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A game that once mastered, makes up for losing all your friends.
Joe: "Damn man, I've been playing Guitar Hero for 3 months straight! I finally beat all the songs on Expert Mode"
Frank: "Who're you, again?"
Joe: "Um... Joe.. Your best friend..?"
Frank: "Oh, that's right.. you played Guitar Hero instead of hanging with me! I remember. Haven't seen you in months. Yeah, I hate you."
Joe: "It's alright, man. I now have the coolest looking guitar in the game. That totally makes up for not having any friends."
Frank: "Fuck off."
by Zakul December 07, 2007
The feeling on Valentine's Day when you do not have a Valentine, but your friends do.

Usually, the person is overcome by jealousy and depression.
A: "Hey bro, you got a Valentine?"
B: "Nah, I'm going to have a really bad case of Valentineitis when I think about what you and Sally are going to be doing.."
by Zakul February 12, 2008
Couldn't be fucking bothered.
Nerdy Neil: "Hey are you doing tonight's maths homework?"
Jack the Jock: "Cbfb."
by Zakul February 10, 2008
Combination of "Jokes" and "Hoax".
Boyfriend - "I hate you."
Girlfriend - "WHAT?"
Boyfriend - "LOL JOAX!!"
by Zakul April 29, 2008
When you get so confused over something, and you can't seem to understand, and you're like... "fuck this shit".
(-b ± 2(b2 - 4ac)) / 2a had me confux'd.
by Zakul March 01, 2008
National Sorry Day.
The day Australia says sorry to the Stolen Generation.

National Sorry Day is held each year on May 26th, since 1998.

The name was changed to National Day of Healing during 2005, but it was decided that it should be changed back to Sorry Day the September of that year.

A formal apology to the Stolen Generation shall be held on May 26th, 2008, by Kevin Rudd.
"What day is it today, man?"
by Zakul February 12, 2008
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