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The plural of the term Grenade, meaning a large group of unattractive, sometimes overweight, women. Usually found in clubs, the Grenade Parade has caused at least 3,000,000,000 (3 Billion) casualties in the world of clubbing. Usually one Grenade escapes the pack and makes it's way to the bar, it then waits for it's prey to ingest the required amount of alcohol before sweeping in and bringing their prey back to their Den to feed.
Chuck: Hey dude, do ya think I'll be able to pick up a hot one in that group?
Jim: Don't bother dude. I checked and all I see is a Grenade Parade
by Zackastors September 27, 2010
Pass-Out Popper: A Popper taken near the end of the day, who's sole purpose is to get the smoker to fall asleep.
Jack: "Aww man, last night I couldn't get to sleep at all."
Kyle: "Dude, did you rip a P.O.P.?"
Jack: "A what?"
Kyle: "A Pass-Out Popper bro."
by Zackastors November 23, 2010

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