3 definitions by ZX2 Stud

Dangling mass of fat found on males that dont get out nearly enough. I emphasize the last part because they clearly need some exercise instead of sitting on their asses all day playing video games and watching tv.
Christ, that dudes got manboobs bigger than ur tits jessica.
by ZX2 Stud December 05, 2003
A way for a guy to get away from Hell for a little while and have some fun.
It was that time of the month so Billy had a guys' night out and they hit up some bars.
by ZX2 Stud December 05, 2003
A wannabe dictionary that is really nothing compared to Urban Dictionary.
See jack squat
The Marriam Webster Dictionary is a uselss piece of shit that should be burned.
by ZX2 Stud December 13, 2003

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