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The furry code is a string of letters, numbrs, and symbols, which identifies various common social aspects of the furry who generated it. The code was written by someone calling themselves Captain Packrat, and was based loosely on the Geek Code written by Robert Hayden. The furry code was initially devised in the 80's or 90's, when such codes were popular on usenet. Codes like these, including the furry code, are now considered somewhat passe. However, code can be found via a web-search of the term "furry code", as well as several decoders.
Captain Packrat's furry-code (or just furry code) is: FRM/R4 A+++ C+++ D++ H+++ M+++ P++++ R+ T++++ W Z++++ Sm++ RLCT a+ cn++ d++ e+ f++++ h+ j iwf+++ sm
by ZCpolymorph February 04, 2009

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