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term referring to the addictive nature of Socom, an online tactical shooter for Playstatin 2...the game has a devoted following that have played since Socom 1 was introduced in 2002 all the way up to the current Socom 3 released October of 2005; w/ in-depth clan (team) features, new maps, etc, thousands of online gamers sink untold hours into Socrack, er Socom
I stayed up til the crack of dawn, warring w/ my clan on Socrack
by ZANIAC March 30, 2006
(n) Streamer

Online streaming version of film, provided to reviewers, distributors, and others. Analgous to Screener of film which has traditionally been actual film or DVD.
I'll send you a link to a streamer.
by zaniac October 01, 2014

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