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1)A bitch who tricks people into loving her when she is a slut :)
2)A way to have sex with your male prostitute teacher:)
That slut is frabduling everyone.
Hey teacher you wanna do some frabdulious in my pants.:):) it will be funn i promise!! fat dick in my v j. hmm hmm sound nice??
by Z4zebra January 01, 2012
1)Someone who get sexual pleasure from imagining a turtle.
Girl-come on Johnny, how do I get you turned on?
Johnny-I don't know
Girl-well I'm gonna go feed my turtle
Johnny-IT'S HAPPENING!!!! *fap fap fap fap* turtles.........it's the turtles!!!!!! They're so wrinkly and slow!!! It gets me hot!!!! OMG! I think I'm a turtle-loafer!!!
Girl-I'm glad to her that! Because I have a thing for slow wrinkly things too!
by Z4zebra July 23, 2012
A person who spends thier time going to the park and yelling at children.
He, Ha, look at that spant over there. She's making a complete fool of herself. She is at the park yelling at children! So dumb! Stupid spant! Ha, ha, he!
by Z4zebra January 31, 2012

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