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4 definitions by Z4pp3r

A name given to someone who leaves team-mates to die to get ahead in a game.
He pulled a Sonu, his friends got stuck in a fight while he sonu`d his way to the safehouse.
by Z4pp3r October 02, 2009
Large scary purple ninja with ability to seek out and vanquish scammers and potty mouths wherever they may be
a scammer may be stealthily ripping some poor noob off, and in a flash the "Lavervira" will have detected and mercilessly punished the offender.
by Z4pp3r October 01, 2009
To be left behind while your friend/team-mate runs off to safety
OMG, he ran off and left me to fight the zombies alone, i`ve been sonu'd!!
by Z4pp3r October 03, 2009
To leave team mates behind while you run to safety
While we fought off the zombie horde, he pulled a Sonu, running off to the safehouse!
by Z4pp3r October 03, 2009