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Adj. suggests a shitty, cheap substitute. Used before the thing you actually want but can't have.

Eg. Council toothpaste = Water

Council pop = Water

Council boyfriend = One night stand

Council flat = a council flat
Eve: Shit, you look rough!! How did you get home last night after the club??
Dave: I got a council taxi.
Eve: No shit! You mean you walked over 5 miles home???
by Yvus November 16, 2006
Staple Chav uniform. No self-respecting, thieving-pikey would leave their council flat without at least an imitation cap.
Rob: Mate, fancy comin' up town tonight to get smacked up on some over-cut charlie?
Matt: Nah mate, nothin' I'd like more than a kebab, pint and a fight but my muv's shrunk my Burberry polo-shirt and you know me...I won't be seen in my nicked motor without it!
by Yvus November 17, 2006

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