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As being labeled as metal head recently i figured i'd add another definition to this place.
We (metal heads) genreally just dress in clothes from regular stores like kohls, i myself usually just wear lee's jeans and a shirt. knowing that me and my friends are all the same there is no size chart, i myself am pretty small i have a huge friend who is also a metal head. We're quiet but hate pretty much everyone who says things to us. While i have nothing against all people from these stereotypes there are a few dumb enough to fuck with us, skaters and jocks usually. me and my personal group hate emo guys don't mind emo girls or any goths. not all of us rebel i go to school cut classes rarely. i'm an alright student b's usually. we're (my group of friends) are small (about 5 of us) and hate pretty much everything. Honestly it doesn't matter what metal you listen to it's just the effect. i personally do listen to slipknot and korn, even some disturbed.. also amon amarth and dragonforce things from my heritage (hate to say it but most of us are "tribal" decent german, norweigan, czech). if you sit here and bitch about how i'm not a metal head, well go for it. in reality if you judge us by our music and say we're fakes...well we'll just beat you to death, why? because as other people have said the lyrics go in one ear and out the other it's the hate that we care about. I am a "mixed" my hair is to shoulders i am clean shaven. some of us like animals but like i said personal view, we aren't into the cute little fuzzy animals, i have 2 cats both of which i rescued from the wild (i prefer animals to people) whom i have trained to kill other small animals. while some of us do infact wear spikes i usual am seen wearing a ring my girlfriend gave me a leather coat and jeans and a t-shirt (as previously stated). we are tough we are mostly good fighters because we go insane and just don't think in fights making us more efficent to cause damage. i am usually slow to anger but my wrath is incredible. genreally we do protect our on kind but i have been known to help out "nerds" or "goths" sometimes it's because i don't mind you others it's because i need a good fight. and for those of you who have asked me where i learned to fight like that, we don't get taught by anyone we just brawl it till we win and a lil exp isn't bad either. i'm not gonna tell you if your metal or not because it's just up to you. oh and the person who said we carry around knives, we do usually a pocket or sailor knife when i have to go places like school, but in public i carry around a hunting knife.
ME: bro just shut the fuck up it's my hate an besides only one being a fag is the one trying to label gtfo

skater kid1: hehe look at him he's so gay leather coat i bet we can take him
smart skater kid: bro it's not worth getting your ass beat just leave them alone.

me: I really hate it when those idiots on urban dictionary make us seem like douche bags
friend: agreed, half of them talk big but they are probably like the kids that just tried to mug us
me: haha that was fun wasn't it?
by Yukimora March 05, 2008

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