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A chetnik or shitnik is the Serbian version of a queer cowboy. Those are armed and dangerous individuals who are not only NOT feared by, but worshipped as demigods by the backward state of Serbia.
You can recognize a shitnik or chetnik by their unshaved neckbeards, poor hygiene, guns and the stench that can be felt through 12 feet of concrete.

They are a testament to what happens when you sell guns to semi-retarded internet boys who think that living in their mom's backyard and lighting sh*t on fire helps their country.
- Hey I saw Bojan yesterday, he hadn't shaved in weeks, smelled like crapshit and had a gun on him.

- Yeah, he is a full-fledged chetnik now. I wonder what will happen to him in 5-10 years since he dropped out of university.

- He'll probably become a janitor at a gas station and blame the Americans/Europeans for his pathetic failures.

- LOL typical shitnik.
by Yugociganija November 04, 2012
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