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The most beautiful person in the world, with long curly hair that smells a lot like hairspray. He loves his girlfriend tummy and always knows how to make her smile. The first time he met his girlfriend he waved like a retard but made her smile so much she got dimples, that instantly made her fall in love. He's not shy and he speaks his mind. He's above and beyond perfection, and treats his girlfriend like a princess. He's willing to do absolutely anything for her. He always makes everything better, and his girlfriend is the luckiest girl in the entire galaxy. He always make sure he takes his girlfriend home<3 & he has the absolute perfect body ever. He's perfect. & very loveable. & he gives you his blanket to keep you warm at night. <3
Jeffrey: *Looks into his girlfriend's eyes*
Jenny: *Looks into his eyes*... I'm so lucky.
by YourWifeBaby<3 January 26, 2013

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