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1. An addicting site that is overused by 90% of the people who use, 10% use it responsibly, but is hated by everyone who doesn't have one. Most use it to talk to friends when they can go visit but, others whore themselves up and add everyone they can find. The majority of people on it are in fact regular and only the emos have a billion emo friends, outside that circle, everyone is normal. It's a good place to share pics from a concert or other event that everyone went to so u only have to post them once for everyone to see rather than 10 billion emails.

2. You have one, or your friends will force you to make one at knifepoint

3. A site that non-users make fun of because they cant have one

4. Its like Facebook, but actually good and fun to go on.
Person 1: Do you have those pics from last night?
Person 2: Yeah go check em out on my myspace, Persons 3-20 already viewed and added them.

Friend: hey whats your myspace url?
You: I dont have one
Friend: *takes out knife* Make one now or this becomes part of ur back.

Person 1: *blah blah blah blah Myspace blah blah blah
Person 2: hey did u say something about myspace?
Person 1: yes?
Person 1: Your not allowed to get one are you?
Person 2: no......

Person 1: Hey do you have a Facebook
Person 2: Why would I ever want one of those, I have a MySpace
by YourSpace August 19, 2008
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