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A poorly defined town in Connecticut. Yes, it is generaly rich, and most houses are either ancient colonials or new McMansions. There are a decent amount of normal sized/aged houses, but not many are located in any area they would be seen. The town does have a terrible selection of shops, most being over-priced clothing stores, 'antique' stores, jewlery stores and that one lingerie shop. The only places that stay open after 7 are Deborah Ann's, CVS, Planet Pizza, Starbucks and the Subway that was forced to move to a side street rather than actual main street. There is the park, which has a tree, gazebo, stage and is CVS ajacent. The cops do have not a thing to do, so they spend all thier time busting teenagers for drinking and smoking. They do this alot, since alcohol and cigarrets can be bought by the on homeless man in town for a low, low price. The school is well know for having good SAT scores and GPAs, but that doesn't make it a good school. The building is poorly designed and overly-crowded, the classes spend only about half the actual class time doing work, and many teachers enjoy talking about thier personal lives with the students. Most seniors drive, and the majority of the current sophmores are complete bastards/bitches. The girls are not AS slutty as everyone says, but there are plenty of sluts around. The jocks are well know due to the fact that the only thing ever talked about on morning announcments is sports (mostly football). Our mascot is the tiger, which there is a bronze statue of outside the main office. It is male. Very, very male. The kids are not as spoiled as everyone thinks, but money is not an issue for virtually anyone in school. Sex happens, but sex happens everywhere. Sometimes on the stage in the auditorium. Some kids do do drugs, almost always pot, but not everyone is a junkie. Underclassmen do fight more than past years, but it's mostly amongst themselves. Cars... are fairly normal, but there are too many humemrs and jeeps for a suburban town like Ridgefield.
Student 1: WTF. Ridgefield isn't as f'ed up urban dictionary says.
Student 2: Pretty close though.
Student 1: Yeah...
by YourNameOrPseudonymHere October 29, 2008

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