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When you and your partner are laying next to each other, and one of you RANDOMLY roll over the other person while slowly saying STEAM ROLLER!

This is not sexual, nor does it involve drugs, this does Not have to be done by couples. Just the randomness and slow words "steam roller" make's the whole thing funny.
Man I don't get it..... We were just quietly watching a movie and she Just Randomly starts saying "STEAM ROLLER" and started rolling over me Back and forth! Man I laughed!

Man I tell you I woke up great this morning Traci came over and woke me up by steam rollering me! I woke up like WTF! Then I realized I was stream rolled! Man I love waking up laughing -

See that girl over there sun tanning you should totally go steam roll her!
by YourBRIBRI October 03, 2010

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