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kidz bop

A bunch of bratty kids who cannot sing for crap on one CD. I'm in shock that they made a 10th one. Whoever invented this should lose thier job. If you want good music, listen to the original version. Where do they find these kids, at Chuck E. Cheese?
''Dude let's go get the new kidz bop CD''

''No thanks, I'd rather wipe my ass with that money.''

by Your Mom in a bikini July 10, 2006

If you are looking this up,you probably are.
Instead of being bored on the computer, why don't you do something useful. Like get hit by a bus.
by Your Mom in a bikini July 10, 2006

1. A deadly disease that is caused by anything and can kill anyone. It comes in diffrent types of forms like lukemia(blood)ovarian,breast,lung,and just about anywhere else

2. A zodiac sign repersented by the crab and runs from June 21-July 22
1.Chuck Norris's tears cure cancer. Too bad he has never cried.

2.Some dude at party: Your a Cancer!

Some girl at party: Yep

Some dude at party: I'm a Sagittarius, let's fuck.
by Your Mom in a bikini July 08, 2006
The year we are in now. It's okay but 2005 was better
2006 is just a big pile of Paris Hilton trying to sing and new douchebags on MTV. It's gay!
by Your Mom in a bikini July 03, 2006

One of the best etnithities to be. Great food, great language great cars, great everything. All you fake ghetto Nike wearing wannabes that wish they were Italian need to die. And if you are or claim to be ''Italian'' you are probably Italian by injection
I'm Italian...be jelous
by Your Mom in a bikini June 29, 2006
1. A mean name to call someone who is multiracial

2.Slang for vagina
1.Sasha is a mut. She's half Native American and half Peruvian.

2. Nicole has such a dirty mut

by Your Mom in a bikini June 29, 2006
Clear channel

The company that pays people to act like a big pile of gay.
''Dude who is that J-Dizzle cracker motherfucker we are listening to?''

''I don't know but by the sound of it it seems like he works for Clear channel''
by Your Mom in a bikini July 08, 2006

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