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1 definition by Your#1FavoriteStalker

A stunningly funny young lady who is no doubt the life of the party. She connects to almost everyone making them immediately smile. She has a dazzling irresistible beauty that guys simply cannot ignore and she likes to tease and flirt when feeling adored. She is honest and trustworthy. She is a reliable friend. She's a hygiene freak by nature so if you don't bathe regularly avoid her because she will not be to shy or kind in calling you out on your smell. Chante's are extremely rare to come by because they're unique so cherish them if you know one. Chante's are generally outgoing, and hyper. They like to help people, and usually have a hard time picking a side because they try to look at both sides of the story. They're usually multi-talented. They have great taste in everything from food to clothing. They're cute and bubbly but be careful cause they can also be extremely critical or harsh.
Dude: Whassup man? You haven't said anything since last night. What happened?
Man: Aw dude, I met this amazing girl who blew my mind. She was so radical dude. She had me totally stoked. Until I lifted up my arm to wrap it around her.
Dude: What happened man?
Man: She got this funky look on her face and scooted away from me saying that I smelled like something between freshly cut onions and dirty ass. Worst thing is she totally announced it to like everyone man.
Dude: Hahaha! Sounds like you ran into a Chante'.
by Your#1FavoriteStalker November 24, 2012