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Idea or system of government in which men may act on there own REASON.
CAPITALISM: A mans only limitation is the extent of his will.
SOCILISM: A man does what he is told nothing more nothing less...unless he likes dieing.
by Young calgar November 21, 2006
A system in which human right is Sacrificed for he "good" of the collective.

in reality it doesnt even help the collective.
socilist: "you produce wealth...we will kill you and Distribute your money amongst the masses...Where'd the wealth go?"

socialism and communism are for the most part the same thing.
by Young calgar November 21, 2006
group of "people" who have done more do destroy liberty in the United States than any other single group in its history.
aclu :"you have the right to murder,steal,destroy property, and disgrace that which is good. but the moment you call the those who killed 3000 people terrorists we destroy all that is dear to you"
by Young calgar November 21, 2006
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