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at a BBQ, when there are burgers that have finished cooking but no one is ready to eat them yet, so you push them to a lonely corner of the grill to keep them warm. (burger+purgatory)
Steve: "What do we got on the grill?"

Alex: "We got some dogs, some sausage and a couple of burgers in burgatory over there"


Chris: "Is anyone ready for another burger?"

Steve: "Nah, just put them in burgatory for now, we'll get them later."
by Young Monty June 30, 2011
(burger + purgatory) At a BBQ, when there are burgers that have been cooked but no one is ready to eat them, so you leave them on a separate side of the grill to stay warm.
Chris - "I think I'm ready for another burger."

Alex - "I got some waiting in burgatory in that corner right there."
by Young Monty May 23, 2011
When a guy is receiving oral sex and the girl swallows after he cums. Combination of throat + pregnant. "Thregnancy" can also be used.
"I hooked up with Jenny last night. I totally got her thregnant."

Hey, Carol, I heard you hooked up with Jared last week. How's your thregnancy coming along?
by Young Monty January 30, 2011

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