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A gym or recreation center where someone goes to work out. The term "swoll" refers to the swollen look/feeling ones muscles get, and "house" refers to the establishment you get swollen in.

The phrase originated at San Diego State University, also known as the Tool Academy
Bro 1: Yo dawg you wanna hit the swoll house?


Bro 1: FUCK YEAH BRO! Hold up though I gotta pound some NOEXPLODE and shit first
by Young Andro July 14, 2011
A steezy way of refering to Lil Ceasers, the favorite pizza joint of stoners and bums alike.
Bro 1: Hey bro you wanna hit up Lil Steezers?

Bro 2: Fuck yeah bro, 5 dollar Large pizzas are the shit dawg.

Bro 1: Nah fool, its all about that crazy bread homie.

Bro 2: Faggot
by Young Andro July 14, 2011
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