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1 definition by Youkai the samurai

Anime Freaks of America: the organization created in southern KY by the biggist Otakus around. Me and other anime members in the organization go by both made up anime names or ones off of shows. the made up ones for example are; Youkai, Yuri, Ayanna, Eimi ect... mostly travel in groups the AFA in mostly known around there city and the schools they go to.. also there ancestors fought in the great Prep and Dork war many many years ago witch now there enemy's today are the preps... ^_^
AFA member 1 (me): so we up for the anime convention this week

AFA member 2: hells yea i am so happy i can piss myself

AFA member 1 (me): hay ummm how come im the only boy in the AFA

AFA member 2: omg u are lol

Prep (anime hater): anime sux

*both AFA members draw there japanese swords and slawter the ememy >_<
by Youkai the samurai April 07, 2006