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An affliction suffered by both men and women, however most often by men. It is marked by an enthusiastic penchant for assigning certain bad habits as something women do, and inexplicably not noticing it when men do the same thing in the same frequency.
(in the car)

Brad: OMG! Get off the phone lady! Freakin women always have their cell phones out!

Marla: Brad, you txt and drive all the time. That guy over there is talking on the phone. And the guy next to us is also texting. Everywhere I go there's a dude talking on a cell phone. I can't walk anywhere on my college campus without being stuck behind both girls AND guys on the phone.

Brad: (*snort*) Na-ah!

Marla: You have a bad case of Male Pattern Blindness.
by YouKnowItIsTrue November 19, 2011

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