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Said usually when at a loss for words to describe the sighting of a black person (usually male) who possesses indescribably awesome attributes or qualities such as wearing a cool hat, keepin' a ho in line, beatin' down the white oppressors or just generally being ghetto and black.
Some popular Righteous Nigs include -
Samuel L Jackson
Laurence Fishburne
That Black Guy That Plays Drums For Jason Mraz

Note: Can also be adapted to suit the user's mood - Righteous Nog, Righteous Negro, Righteous Niglett/Noglett (in the case of younger Righteous Nigs), Righteous Blacker, Righteous Nig Nog Nag (in case of truly awe-inspiring negro qualities warranting the use of the highest negro compliment).
Guy 1 - *Oh wow, fuck yeah.*
Guy 2 - *What?*
Guy 1 - *You seen this awesome negro dancin'?*
Guy 2 - *Yeah he's truly amazing.*
Guy 1 - *A righteous nig indeed.* (Satisfied smile)


Guy 1 - *That Morgan Freeman he's so cool, ya know just the way he smiles an' shit just so awe-inspiring, a truly Righteous Nig*
Guy 2 - *And the fact that he's in EVERY FILM EVER MADE. Righteous or what?*
(Synchronised satisfied smile)
by YouDroppedYourGayCard October 17, 2009
Also Deetun, Deetan, Deighton, Deightun, DEEETUNNNN!
Noun, the most awesomely, indescribably cool person in the universe, possibly a higher authority than God himself. Used to compare to something or someone immeasurably awesome or cool. Usually used in conjunction with the prefix "Get on.." as in "GET ON DEETUN!" to express a feeling of immense pleasure or excitement. Deetoning/Deetuning/Deetaning/Deightoning/Deightuning/DEETUNNNNIN' can be used as the adjective equivalent of Deetun to describe a person or object.
In this case Deetun is used as a metaphor -

*You well pimp slapped that suckah, you are well Deetun.*

In this case Deetun is used as a simile -
*Wow, Bruce Forsyth is almost as Deetun as me!*

In this case Deetun is included in the phrase "Get ON DEETUN!" -
*Dude I saw just that chick's thong!.. GET ON DEETUN!!*

In this case Deetun is adapted to Deetoning in the adjective form to describe an object -
*My new iPhone is WELL DEETONING!*
by YouDroppedYourGayCard October 18, 2009

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